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Josh Piersma - Owner - Videographer


 In 2006 I began my journey into the fields of Film and Animation. After finishing an associates degree in animation at Washtenaw community college. I began to fill my schedule up with film classes and by the end of the year my hard work had payed off and I had won "best in show" at the washtenaw community college film festival. I knew I had a knack for storytelling, but I wanted to learn from some of the best. So in may of 2008 I packed my bags for Vancouver Film School (VFS) in British Columbia. I enrolled in the in the 3d animation and visual effects program specializing in visual effects. After Graduating from VFS I began to do freelance work as a motion designer and visual effects artist for video production agencies including aperture film group, Plastic Cow Productions, and Complete Music and Video. In 2009 I created a channel called 50mm on vimeo as just a fun way to communicate with and feature upcoming filmmakers.  At this time is when I started to come back to film as a whole.

  "Taken" a visual effects reel from Josh Piersma on Vimeo.


Jake Stafford - Writer - Videographer


 "Since as far back as I can remember, I have wanted to tell stories for a living. When I was a young boy I accomplished this through making crude comic books out of folded notebook paper. As an angst-ridden teen I focused on writing music and poetry. As an adult, I studied Video Production in college and learned to channel my creativity and passion for storytelling into screenwriting and filmmaking. Since 2001 I have devoted myself to mastering the art of motion pictures. I have extensive experience with every facet of filmmaking – from conception to completion. With over thirty original screenplays written and dozens of independent short films and videos produced, each project brings me closer to the fulfillment of my dream."

Welcome to Boblo Island from Jake Stafford on Vimeo.